Vegan view on Luxembourg

Truly I’ve forgotten what it means to travel in a conventional way. My colleagues laugh at me since I said I usually find accommodation for 30 PLN, which is 7 EUR. Yep, but come one, usually even in European capitals for a bed in a hostel you’d pay this amount… although I’m not pretty sure if these aren’t 5-year ago prices :D, since I haven’t used hostels in Europe for 5 years more or less.

Anyways, this is not the subject of this post, it’s rather an intro! 😉 I just wanted to give you an idea that my subjective opinion on traveling may pretty differ from yours and explain that because of my particular way of travelling I didn’t have much opportunities to try vegan food in Luxembourg… and actually I’m not pretty sure if this post is even useful. Big (main) European cities are rather full of vegan restaurants and it’d be a really bad luck if you couldn’t find a one. But ok, if I travel, I have to leave some fingerprints…

So you shouldn’t have any problem in finding vegan food in Luxembourg City. There are a few restaurants in the centre which serve vegan meals. We personally visited one at the Guillaume II Sq. which you enter through some arcades connecting it with the main Guillaume II Sq. with the City Hall. What’s even more interesting in the arcade there was a spot with pizzas, with a vegan one between them. So cool, isn’t it? 😀 So the restaurant is called BEET and they have a pretty wide range of falafels and burgers. The service is very kind and they even offered us free coffee as an apology for making us changing the place while we were eating, because there was a bigger group coming and they needed some more space for them. People in Western Europe are totally different than us. I’m not saying Poles are unkind but we’re simply not so effusive, I guess we’re more practical, we save words and prefer to say less than more LOL. Also we don’t smile so much, which indeed is a drawback. Smiling’s contagious so the more people smile, the better. Anyways, I hadn’t been to Western Europe for so long, I don’t even remember if I’d ever been there LOL, so I was pretty confused and surprised about the staff’s enthusiasm. All in all, it’s more pleasant when people around are, or at least seem happy – that makes you feel happier.

Ok, so coming back to the food. Dominika ordered falafel and I ordered aubergine burger. The prices were pretty high but we were pretending it was all in PLN 😉 so there was no big deal. And actually, when you travel you don’t really care about spending money – you care about spending time… (what a nice punch line ;)). Both meals were around 15 EUR, the falafel was cheaper. But the portions were actually very abundant, even for a glutton like me! 😀

45331401_720032595010696_7376999230193270784_nburger with salsa and sweet potato fries and falafel

And then, we went to Chocolate House where I expected just to have a hot chocolate. But all the hot chocolates had milk! So I was wandering about the shop when I realized that on one of the torts they had there was a paper saying VEGAN. My eyes lit up and there were two voices in my mind saying contrary things. Eventually I bought a piece of this tort (couldn’t resist the temptation) and Dominika asked me: ‘was it the most expensive piece of cake in your lifetime?’. LOL It wasn’t that expensive, but yes, never before had I paid more than 20 PLN for a piece of cake. 😉 But it was worth it! We really enjoyed it with the coffee at the airport. 😉

So, to sum up, you won’t starve to death in Luxembourg if you’re vegan. There are plenty of choices. Even in smaller places, like for example in Remich there was a place (where we didn’t enter, but I saw it with my own eyes!) with vegan food (by the promenade). Maybe in smaller towns there would be a problem but actually Luxembourg is so tiny that you can always come back to Luxembourg City if you can’t find food somewhere else. 😉


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