Vegan Cuban experience

The good thing about Cuba is definitely the fact that the bread made over there, contrary to the bread made in South America in general, is 100% vegan, which means it only contains flour, water, salt and yeast. How can I know it? You may be surprised but the 99% of the info I get comes from…


…asking! 😅

Yes, dear travellers, you should rather go for asking people than relying on the stuff you find on the internet. 🤔

But, if you are already here because you are shy to talk to the locals than pay attention to some info I can share with you. 😀

  1. Cuban bread is vegan but it’s hard to get it

Usually the bread can be bought with libreta (rationing system for the nationals) so if you’re a tourist than it’s possible it won’t be sold to you. There may also be a problem with flour or rather with its lack – when I was in Cuba I was told there was a kind of flour crisis and in some places there was neither bread nor pizza.

And how can I be so sure about the Cuban vegan bread? Actually, I can never be sure about anything. I just asked the baker about the bread’s ingredients  and when I wanted to make sure there was no milk nor eggs inside she looked at me laughing and saying: “we don’t have milk for our babies, so how can we use it to prepare bread?”. She sounded convincing, even though the story was undoubtedly manipulated. 😉

  1. Moros y cristianos

As far as I’m concerned Cuban cuisine is not very varied – its basis are rice and sea food. So the Cuban meal a vegan can eat must be probably something with rice, am I right? There’s one meal which can be ordered by a vegan, but you should always make sure it’s only rice and beans since in Trinidad in Taberna La Botija they sell it already mixed with meat. 😒

  1. Maybe some fruits?

Unfortunately, comparing to such countries as Colombia or Ecuador, Cuba can’t really boast about its fruits… Sorry Cuba, but COLOMBIA… ❤️️ LOL Ok, the truth is I went to Cuba in winter time (yes, the sea was so cold, only 27 Celsius degrees!!! ☃), so it was the dry season and there were not many fruits growing. I had only small bananas, guavas, oranges, papayas and pineapples. I know there are also mangos available (but rather in summer) and there must be soursops (I miss them so so much!), I even saw some in stands along the road but someone told me they weren’t good so I didn’t even try.

  1. What else?

In touristic places you can find rice with veggies (arroz con verduras), pizza with veggies (pizza con vegetales) or sometimes sandwich with vegetables (sandwich de vegetales). The vegetables they offer are basically cabbage, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes .

For breakfast which are offered at casas particulares you will probably have coffee, fruits and omelette (tortilla) so make sure they’re gonna change it for more fruits or bread with marmalade.

  1. Conclusions

It’s not about eating, it’s about travelling! 😀


DSCF2424 DSCF2456



Somewhere between Havana and Cienfuegos


Playa Rancho Luna (Cienfuegos)




El Nicho





Santa Marta (Varadero)


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