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Is it possible to be with a non-vegan?😍

For some time I’ve been wondering if I could last in a relationship with a non-vegan (actually I’m not sure if I can last in a relationship at all, but this is another topic, which may not be interesting for you 😉). So, I was wondering if someone else has asked this question and if there was a firm opinion about it in a vegan society. And here they are, my conclusions. 😉

I’ve been vegan since I’m 18 so you can imagine I must have had some relationships on my way (yes, I’m a bit older now 😃). Till not long ago each of my boyfriends (or call them whatever) had been an omnivore. Actually, I’ve had just one serious relationship (thinking conventionally). I was head over heels for somebody and, being so genuine and naive I was doing pretty stupid things – rules of youth, I guess. Everyone should probably experience this kind of feeling, but hopefully once in a lifetime. 😉 Anyways, I didn’t fight, I didn’t try to impose my way of thinking, didn’t try to convince anybody. Maybe because I knew it was a tough nut to crack – as stubborn as a mule, narrow-minded (yes, it sounds pretty unbelievable, but I already said I was young and silly… 😉). Luckily, this relationship ended when I grew emotionally and understood how my life shouldn’t look like (nevertheless, I can’t say I regret it – I did spend many beautiful moments and what’s most important, I learnt a lot!). But, coming back to the point – the fact is that it was possible to be with a non-vegan. So why am I convinced that now it’s definitely out of question? Briefly: age and awareness.

Age: seems to be clear. Being in love when you’re 21 is totally different than when you’re a bit older. Blind love? However you call it, when you’re young you just fall in love and don’t analyse anything. Just let the things happen.

Awareness: lack of planning. You want to be with this person but it’s still not the time to think about living together, sharing, raising children and so on. It’s just having good time, bullshitting, nothing really deep actually.

So, I’m absolved! 😀

Vegan + non vegan = ❤️️ Seriously?

No way!

First of all, the problem starts at the very beginning. How can you fall in love with somebody who, according to you, commits an atrocity? Come on! It’s like being with a murder or a thief, at least. LOL Sorry my dear friends and family members who I do love no matter what – but this is actually what I think about you when I see you eating dead bodies or drinking cows’ secretion. I love you and I will always do – but this doesn’t mean I can accept what you do.

I don’t really see any reason why we couldn’t compare being with a non-vegan to being with a racist, homophobe or cranky Christian. LOL Sorry, don’t want to offend anybody, but it’s simply about the way of life – you can’t share your life with a person whose core values are against yours! People may look for their opposites BUT AS FOR THE PERSONALITY, CHARACTER – never system of values!


I came upon an argumantation that the veganism was tolerance, understanding, peace and all this rhetoric. Unfortunately I can’t agree with that. Tolerating killing animals? Understanding it? Come on, it’s the other way round! We are fighters and we will be fighting till killing and using animals will be ended. We can fight just with our behaviour or using words, actions, breaking the law, whatever. But this is basically what we are doing – we are trying to make a difference, to change the mentality. If you fight against something, that means you DON’T TOLERATE IT!

I would never say I tolerate what my beloved people do with animals! I would go further, I actually can’t stand it. The thing is I don’t share my whole life with them, I see them sporadically, so I just avoid thinking about it when I’m with them. I focus on different things, I just try to dissociate myself. But can I do it all the time? A vegan thinks in a vegan way. A vegan sometimes thinks about veganism and about the reasons what’s the reason behind the veganism. So when you think of it and than see a person you want to spend life with doing something compleltly against veganism, how can you deal with it?

They can change

Ok, there’s a person who became vegan after meeting me. It is all possible. But the problem is that you never know that. You may spend years with somebody, they can accept your veganism and even defend you before others but they can be not strong enough to make the decision. Yes we can invest, but making this decision is a question of a few months – when a person understands the reason they should make this decision at once, if not, it means they’ll never gonna do it – commodity wins.

The unaware may be a vegetarian or a baby, but please don’t tell me people don’t know where the meat comes from…

You will tell me: „my boyfriend quit meat after 5 years of being together, now he’s becoming vegan”. I’m really happy for you guys. And congrats for you. Good influence. Good reasoning. Good life you are showing him. But frankly speaking, I would consider myself a loser if my squeeze keeps killing animals after a month of being together. I would consider myself a loser if I fell in love with such a person.

There have been studies carried out on working, leading a socially accepted life women who fall in love with prisoners. They send them sexy pictures, they want to be with them after they are released. Conclusions? Such women have a strong desire of making a bad boy change. Isn’t it unsound?

And this is what drives me to the conclusion:

Vegan on my own

It’s like being ok with myself because I don’t kill, I don’t commit a crime, my conscience is clear. But what other people do – who cares? Is this really their problem?

Vegan for animlas

No, I’m not doing it only for me (although, it’s one of the reasons – I couldn’t partake in the crime – if I did, I couldn’t live calmly), but also I’m doing it for animals. So if I see somebody stealing in a shop I try to stop them – even by taking a risk. No, it’s not only about not stealing myself. It’s about stopping people from stealing. It’s about protecting my family from stealing.

Vegan for the enviroment

There may be many studies, many opinions, many bullshit. But what you know is yours. What I know is that meat consumption is harmful for the enviroment.

But anyways, I became vegan for animals and this could be the only reason for me.

So, the last and the only conclusion I can draw is that it makes no sense to even start going out with a non-vegan when you are a vegan with conviction.




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