Zhingalov khats – Nagorno-Karabakh speciality

Whether you’re vegan or not if you go to Nagorno-Karabakh you shouldn’t miss out on tasting one of the healthiest and most delicious dishes that can be found in the South Caucasus. Zhingalov khats, a flat bread with lots of different herbs inside is common both in Nagorno-Karabakh and South Armenia and during the season  which I guess is till May and than it must start after summer (I’m not sure, I conclude it from my own experience:)) this inconspiucous food is sold in virtually every market and pastry shop. Basically it consists of lavash and variety of herbs including spinach, coriander, parsley and sometimes garlic. Although it’s not easy to find all of the Armenian herbs over here in Central Europe I made an effort and prepared the Polish version of zhingalov khats.





vegetable oil (Armenians use sunflower oil but you can actually use whichever you prefer)






Knead flour, salt and water together. Leave for 30 mins.

Chop all the greens and mix them with oil, put some salt.

Roll out the dough. Put the greens on the rolled out dough and close it.

Put the formed zhingalov khats on hot frying pan (without oil) and heat them up till they get brown.

That’s it! You can now relish the Nagorno-Karabakh speciality!

Check out this video: how to prepare zhingalov khats


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